Virtual Reality Research 2018-06-23T12:41:01+00:00

A New Level of Immersion

By developing a bridging technique to pair an Alexa device with a user’s game session, we are able to drive in-game events as a result of user input.
This allows for a number of powerful interactions:

  • Tetherless Gameplay: Users can interact with Alexa at any time, even when the game is closed, these queued inputs, along with the time of their invocation, can then be processed once the session is reinstated. Possible uses include feeding a virtual pet, collecting resources or checking on the status of a patient in a more time realistic medical simulation.
  • Context-Awareness:  To greatly improve voice user experience (VUX) it is possible for identical inputs to provide different results based on the in-game context. For example: “What am I looking at?” – this would then be processed using game logic to detect what is in front of the user. This flexibility allows for a rich/diverse set of responses without the need for a user to learn a dictionary worth of phrases
  • Voice Control: There exists a range of headsets, all with different degrees of freedom (DoF), voice control allows for lower DoF devices to take advantage of voice control as a means of interfacing with the world.